5 Steps To Organizing A Closet

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When it comes to closet organization, it is important always to think ahead and consider what you will be storing in your closet and where you will be storing. You must take a hard look at the things you have; this will help you decide on what kind of storage you will need.
1. Empty your closet, stash everything out and pile or throw them to a designated staging area. You can use your bed or a cleared-out corner in your room. This first step is important because you will be required to remove every single item in your closet: hangers, boxes, clothes, folded blankets, hidden treasure and stacks of old magazines.
After clearing everything out, use a collapsible clothing rack to hang every clothing article to see clearly and sort out what you have. The rack can also be an excellent addition to your laundry room once you are done with your closet organization project.
Because you will be taking so much time in this first step, you can indulge yourself by playing some of your favorite music. If you have problems in moving bulky items, you can always ask someone to help you.
2. Separate items to different categories and as you organize them, it is a good move to make an inventory of all the things you have. Put like elements in cardboard boxes, plastic containers or just pile them up, and label them to help you keep track of each type of questions. It is also suggested that you can pile them up depending on how you will be taking care of it, “Keep? Toss? Donate?”. Some people prefer their articles to be first divided into broad categories (shoes, clothes, and linens) and then finally dividing them into smaller categories, sweaters, winter boots and sheets.
In this second step, you must take a time to group small items and put them in small bags or jars, with this, you won’t lose them under the pile of sweaters or boxes of larger items.
3. The third step is where you will be deciding on things that will be eliminated, which are the items that just don’t belong to the closet. The primary cause of every clutter and mess at our houses can be traced back to our kitchen and bedroom closets. The temptation to overstuff them with a box of appetizer plates in a bedroom closet or extra towels for the bathroom can cause you to make a wrong storage decision.
Thus, after segregating your things, the next thing you must do is to return items that are out-of-place to where they belong. But try to stay focused and decisive on planning one closet at a time. Take your time and turn to other closets after you’re done, even if it is a later date.

4. Remove items that are unwanted. This might be the hardest part when you organize your closet. It helps in establishing rules up front, like anything with holes or you lose one of the pairs of socks, they must go. You will have to ponder on some silly things or on how many times you have used your pink skirt or does it still fit.
Most of your answer will likely be negative, and then you may have to decide if you want to sell them online, donate them to charity hold a yard sale or take them to a local consignment store. If you don’t want to sell your used goods, you can meet up with your friends and hold up a swap meeting that can lead to movement of eliminating clutter from their home. You’ll be much pleasured to see how your hand-me-down sweater can look good on your friend’s daughter. Just keep in mind to not swap meet with that you don’t need, for you’ll have to deal with an, even more, tragic storage mistake. Just keep you mind on the prize.
5. Lastly, clean the closet. An empty closet doesn’t always mean a clean closet, so this is a good time for you to wipe down the closet walls and vacuum or mop the closet floor. Most likely, you’ll find some stray clothing tags, receipts or dust lumps. If the walls need some works, fix it and give it a fresh mold-resistant painting job if needed.

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